Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain in Palmdale, CA

Your shoulder joints are among the most versatile and complex parts of your body. They are intricate mechanisms constructed of bone, cartilage, muscle, and nerve tissue, and they are constantly in use. So it’s no surprise that your shoulders are also among the parts of your body that are most prone to pain and stiffness. Shoulder pain affects millions of people each year, causing a loss of work and an inability to engage in favorite activities. Many sufferers resort to risky and expensive surgery or costly medications. But there is a better way to treat shoulder problems. Dewald Chiropractic of Palmdale, CA, can show you how chiropractic for shoulder pain can reduce or eliminate your discomfort and increase mobility without the use of invasive surgical techniques or prescription medications.

Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

Pain in any joint is caused by damaged, irritated, and inflamed tissues. This inflammation and pain can be caused by a number of things, including injury, repetitive motions, muscle strain, poor posture and body mechanics, and misalignment of the spine and neck. A diagnostic exam to pinpoint the causes of your shoulder pain is the first step in treatment.

Your doctor will conduct orthopedic range of motion tests on your shoulders and arms, analyze the alignment of your spine and neck and how the parts of your body work together and may recommend x-rays or an MRI or CT scan to fully understand the extent of the problem. We’ll also ask about your work habits and lifestyle.

Once the cause of your shoulder pain has been diagnosed, the correct treatment can be prescribed.

Chiropractic For Shoulder Pain

Your doctor may find that misalignment of your shoulder joints or your neck and spine are causing the pain. Gentle manipulation of your shoulders, back, and neck over a period of time can gradually move these bones back into the proper alignment, relieving the strain on your joints. Therapeutic massage may be used to relieve tension in the muscles and increase circulation. We can also design special personalized stretches and exercises that you can do at home to allay tension and stress and improve your range of motion.

Poor posture is also a common cause of shoulder pain and other complaints. These can result from bad habits at work or home, such as staring at your computer with your head down or supporting your arms at the wrong height while typing.  Your doctor will review the basics and benefits of proper posture and how you can correct any problem areas. Chiropractic for shoulder pain is a safe, effective, and non-invasive alternative to surgery and meds that really gets results.

If you’re suffering from chronic shoulder pain in Palmdale, CA, Dewald Chiropractic can help. Use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment today.