Chiropractic for Hip Pain in Palmdale, CA

Hip pain is one of the most common complaints we hear from our patients at Dewald Chiropractic. Although most people think of hip pain as an ailment that affects only older people, it can actually occur in any one at any age. The hip joint is a complex structure made up of several elements, and if any of them are damaged or malformed and not working correctly, pain and discomfort is often the result. Fortunately, Dewald Chiropractic offers several procedures for our patients in Palmdale, CA, that can relieve and even eliminate pain in the hip. Chiropractic for hip pain is a safe, proven, and effective treatment.

Causes Of Hip Pain

Hip pain can occur at different places on your hip, in the front, back, or side. When considering chiropractic for hip pain, your doctor will determine the location of the pain to help diagnose what’s causing it.

Common causes of hip pain include:


The cartilage that surrounds and protects your joints can wear down with time, a condition known as osteoarthritis. The loss of cartilage allows the bones of the joints to rub together, causing pain. It’s most common in older people.


Fluid filled sacs called bursa also provide cushioning around the joints when you move. Sometimes these sacs can become swollen, inflamed, and painful.

Muscle strain

Sudden strenuous exertion and exercise can move the muscles around the hip joint in unaccustomed ways, causing what’s commonly called a ‘pulled muscle’. It can be sharply painful and lasting.

Hip overuse

People who work their hips a lot because of work or exercise can easily inflame the joint from repetitive overuse of the same motion, leading to hip pain.

Chiropractic For Hip Pain

Studies conducted over many years have conclusively shown that chiropractic treatment can reduce pain and increase mobility for those suffering from a hip condition, including the ones listed above. It’s an effective and non-invasive alternative to surgery and prescription medications.

Chiropractic for hip pain can involve the following treatment:

Chiropractic adjustment

An improperly aligned spine can place unnecessary strain on your hips, leading to pain. Regular spinal readjustment with chiropractic manipulation can relieve this stress and strain on your hip joints.

Hip exercises

One of the best ways to relieve hip pain is to strengthen the muscles around the hip joints. Your doctor can recommend special exercises that focus on these muscles.

Body stretches

Chiropractic stretching exercises can also help to relieve tension and stress around your hip joints and increase movement and mobility.

If you’re suffering from chronic hip pain, Dewald Chiropractic of Palmdale, CA, can help. To schedule an appointment please fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.