Chiropractic for Family Wellness Care in Palmdale

Many people first discover chiropractic care from friends or family who went to a chiropractor with help for back pain. But chiropractic care offers so much more than just pain relief! Dr. Thomas Dewald has been providing highly-personalized family wellness care for over two decades. Naturally, helping people overcome pain naturally is very important to him, but helping people get truly healthy and stay that way is his greatest passion—and that is what Dewald Chiropractic in Palmdale is all about!


Pain Relief and Wellness Care with Our Chiropractor in Palmdale

The main thing to understand about chiropractic wellness care is that it enables your nervous system to communicate properly with the rest of your body so that you stay healthy. From before you were born, your brain developed, connecting itself to everything else through the spinal cord, which is housed and protected inside the spinal column. The spine is a strong, yet flexible structure, with a series of vertebrae interconnected with each other via gelatinous, shock-absorbing discs. The brain communicates with your fingers, knees, shoulders, heart, stomach, lungs, back, neck, etc. via nerves that travel out from between these vertebrae. When your spine is perfectly aligned as nature intended, these nerves zip messages back and forth to and from your brain, directing everything with ease. Our chiropractor in Palmdale wants your spine to maintain this state of ease so your nervous system can keep you healthy.

Life happens, however. All sorts of activities, accidents and poor posture habits can slowly or quickly compromise this state of ease and turn it into “dis-ease”. Car accident injuries, sports injuries, slouching at your computer desk, sleeping on a sagging mattress, lifting heavy objects the wrong way, etc. can pull, nudge and tug your vertebrae out of proper alignment. Usually, nerves get pinched and important messages from the brain go awry before you even feel anything. Nervous system impairment can happen slowly, or all at once, but either way, Dr. Dewald’s gentle chiropractic adjustments can restore order to your spine and nervous system.

At Dewald Chiropractic in Palmdale, we use a number of techniques to help patients maintain healthy bodies through healthy posture. Dr. Dewald urges people in pain as well as people who feel fine right now to call for an appointment. If you are in pain, naturally, we want to help you get pain relief and start healing as soon as possible. But even if you are just feeling more fatigued than you want to feel, or if you struggle with headaches, back pain, neck pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, etc., Dr. Dewald will give you a thorough exam to uncover the root problem.

We then develop a treatment plan tailored directly to your specific needs and health goals. Gentle, precise spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercises, nutrition and other physiotherapy techniques can get you started on the path to better health, energy and pain relief. Call for an appointment today: 661-266-3500!


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