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Dewald Chiropractic is your source for natural, drug-free, non-surgical health and wellness care in Lancaster CA. Our Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Dewald, is happy to lend his two decades of experience and expertise toward keeping you and your loved ones in optimal health, helping you recover from illness and providing rehabilitative treatments for injuries. Whether you're struggling with whiplash or just making sure you're functioning at 100 percent efficiency, our family-friendly Lancaster CA clinic is ready to serve as your whole-body health partner.


A Wealth of Natural Healing Services in Lancaster CA

Our holistic approach to healing means that we believe in applying multiple healing modalities to treat every aspect of your health, especially since a problem afflicting one physical system often initiates a chain of problems throughout other systems. That's why our Lancaster CA facility provides such varied natural healing services as:

  • Chiropractic care - Chiropractic care focuses on correcting alignment problems that limit joint motion and place stress on your entire body, from overtaxed muscles to pinched nerve tissues. By correcting your spinal alignment and restoring normal nerve function, we can help you obtain relief from a wide range of health problems.
  • Massage - Therapeutic massage has the power to promote relaxation, relieve soft tissue pain and swelling, accelerate tissue healing and enhance the beneficial effects of chiropractic adjustments.
  • Physiotherapy - We can help you recover from an injury or other health crisis through a number of physiotherapy techniques, from cold laser therapy, cryotherapy and moist heat therapy to paraffin baths, ultrasound and and custom-fitted orthotics.
  • Colon hydrotherapy - This gentle, non-stressful form of water therapy can cleanse the colon, removing toxins that have a negative impact on your health and wellness.
  • Nutrition - Giving your body what it needs to thrive is a sensible way to stay well or become healthier, especially as part of a personalized wellness plan created by our Lancaster CA chiropractor. We offer high-quality nutritional products to boost energy, facilitate weight loss and more.

Call Our Lancaster CA Clinic for Wellness That Works

Of course, in an ideal world you wouldn't have physical problems that require healing. We can actually put you on the path toward that goal by providing regular wellness exams, spinal screenings and ongoing preventative care. Give your whole family the gift of health by calling our Lancaster CA clinic at 661-266-3500 for an initial appointment!


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