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If you struggle with sciatica, you're far from alone, even if you've never heard of it before. This compression of sciatic nerve tissue affects up to 40 percent of the population at one time or another. The good news is that you can get those uncomfortable, debilitating leg symptoms under control without drugs or surgery. Here at Dewald Chiropractic, we can use natural, non-invasive techniques to help you tame sciatica and reduce the odds of its recurrence.


What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to a set of symptoms (syndrome) that occur when the sciatic nerve tissue becomes pinched or damaged. The sciatic nerve is an enormous nerve that extends from the base of the spine down through your legs, relaying nerve signals to every part of the leg and foot through a network of smaller nerve branches. When this communications system gets cut off, sciatica results. The sciatic nerve itself may be compressed due to swelling from surrounding muscle tissue, but the compression more often occurs in the nerve roots that connect the sciatic nerve to the spinal cord.

Sciatica Symptoms and Causes

Sciatica tends to produce odd tingling sensations, sharp pains, numbness, muscle weakness, or all of the above. These symptoms may occur in any tissue served by the sciatic nerve, including the buttocks, legs, and feet. Sciatica usually, but not invariably, affects only one limb at a time. Your symptoms may feel worse when you go from sitting to standing or vice versa.

The compression of sciatic nerve roots becomes more likely as you age. Degenerative changes such as bulging discs or bone spurs may press against the nerve tissue. A longstanding spinal or postural imbalance can also cause sciatica. Discs herniated in an injury may produce acute sciatica. Obesity can add to the stresses that cause sciatica.

How Chiropractic Care Can Get Your Sciatica Under Control

Chiropractic care can quite literally take the pinch off of that pinched nerve tissue. Our chiropractor will first examine your spinal alignment, looking for the exact spot where discs or other structures have impinged the nerve roots. A series of safe, expertly-applied chiropractic adjustments can correct the alignment of these structures, relieving your sciatic nerve pain and restoring normal leg function.

We can also offer other natural healing strategies to help you manage or prevent sciatica attacks. These may include nutritional counseling to help you lose weight, massage therapy to shrink swollen soft tissues, and exercises to improve your posture.

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