Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care Equals Enhanced Injury Rehabilitation

If you have recently sustained a personal injury, our chiropractor understands that you want to recover as quickly as possible. Struggling with pain and mobility restrictions on a daily basis can be incredibly frustrating. That’s why our chiropractor provides physical therapy treatments, in addition to chiropractic adjustments. Physical therapy is a natural complement to chiropractic care, providing enhanced pain relief while supporting the body’s natural healing process. Together, this combination of care delivers optimal results for our patients and helps their bodies heal quickly and safely.


Physiotherapy Helps Patients Heal Faster

After an injury, internal swelling and inflammation can aggravate your back pain or neck pain. As long as the soft tissues remain inflamed, it can be difficult to treat your injury. Worse, you will continue to experience ongoing pain and mobility restrictions. Physical therapy treatments, such as hot/cold therapy, are effective for reducing swelling and minimizing pain. Many of our patients find that these therapies, when combined with chiropractic adjustments, deliver optimal pain relief.

In addition to relieving pain, a second goal of physical therapy is to support the body’s internal healing process. While it is natural to experience stiffness or soreness after an injury, extended immobility can hinder the body’s healing process. For example, after a whiplash injury, some medical professional advise patients to wear a cervical collar. Prolonged use of the cervical collar, however, actually restricts blood flow and slows the healing process. Some natural movement is important to increasing circulation and delivering fresh, nutrient-rich blood to the injured soft tissues. Our wellness team works with each patient to ensure physical therapy exercises are supporting the body’s natural internal healing process. Proper healing is also important for preventing scar tissue build up. Scar tissue is a thick band of tissue that covers torn or injured soft tissues. Scar tissue restricts mobility, which increases the risk for future injury and pain.

Following a sports injury, personal injury or auto accident injury, you may be suffering from mobility restrictions. Depending on the location of injury, many patients find it difficult to walk up or down stairs, stand or sit for extend periods, or even sleep comfortably at night. It may be hard to rotate your body, lift certain objects or turn your head from side to side. Corrective exercises, as part of our physical therapy program, will help bring mobility back to your body without aggravating your existing injury. Our exercises help improve a patient’s balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.

Our chiropractor utilizes innovative, cutting-edge treatment techniques to help patients heal as quickly as possible following an injury. Physical therapy is one of these important treatment techniques especially effective for supporting the body’s natural injury rehabilitation process. From natural pain relief to enhanced mobility, our physiotherapy program delivers important healing benefits for all injury patients. We create custom treatment programs that are specific to your body’s injury rehabilitation needs. This ensures your body heals quickly and safely – without increasing the risk for future injury.


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