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Physical Rehab in Palmdale: Top 5 FAQs

If you have recently sustained an accident injury, you may be wondering how physical rehab in Palmdale can help you recover lost mobility and safely manage your pain. Our chiropractor, Dr. Dewald, has decades of experience treating everyone from athletes and car accident victims to children and older adults. Below, Dr. Dewald answers five of our patients’ most frequently asked questions about what to expect from physical rehab in Palmdale.


#1: What can I expect from physical rehab?
Therapeutic exercises, functional training and manual therapy are the cornerstones of our physical rehab in Palmdale program. Following an accident injury, many individuals experience reduced mobility that affects their ability to perform basic daily tasks, like walking up a flight of stairs, or sleeping comfortably at night. Physical rehab exercises are designed to restore that mobility.

#2: When should I see a chiropractor for physical rehab?
You should see a chiropractor for physical rehab as soon as possible following your accident injury. The longer you delay seeking treatment, the worse your pain and mobility restrictions may become. Since mobility is frequently reduced following an injury, the body must compensate for this mobility reduction – which can strain other muscles and ultimately lead to further injury. Physical rehab exercises help to prevent further injury by supporting the body’s recovery process from day one.

#3: What should I expect during my first appointment?
During your first appointment, our skilled chiropractor and professional, experienced team will work closely with you to create a custom treatment program. We discuss your injury rehabilitation and pain management needs in detail and perform any diagnostic exercises necessary to determine the extent of your musculoskeletal injuries. After you first treatment session, you may notice mild soreness or stiffness. This is completely normal and a sign that the healing process has begun.

#4: How does physical therapy help with back pain or neck pain?
Our chiropractor Dr. Dewald follows a whole body approach to pain management. This means that rather than simply treating isolated pain symptoms, our goal is to address the underlying causes that are triggering this pain in the first place. For pain management, this means using chiropractic adjustments to correct the spinal misalignment triggering pain, as well as the tendons, muscles and ligaments that have been weakened or injured in an accident. Physical therapy exercises build strength and support the spine, which helps reduce the risk for future back pain and neck pain.

#5: How does physical rehab in Palmdale improve posture?
When the body’s core muscles are weak, it is more difficult for the body to properly hold the spine in place, which increases the risk for poor posture. Over time, sitting slumped in a chair while working or failing to support the spine at night while sleeping further damages posture. A compressed cervical spine or lumbar spine exacerbates chronic pain. Our physical rehab exercises work hand-in-hand with chiropractic adjustments, strengthening the core muscles, which supports healthy spinal alignment and proper posture.


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