Chiropractic FAQs

Understanding Chiropractic Care in Palmdale

You may have heard glowing reports of how chiropractic care in Palmdale has helped your loved ones, neighbors or colleagues, without understanding exactly what this healing modality involves. At Dewald Chiropractic we are always happy to answer patients' questions. Here are some of the more popular queries:


How does chiropractic adjustment relieve pain? 

Chiropractic adjustment is a non-surgical means of correcting musculoskeletal misalignments. If your spinal column is out of alignment, you may suffer from muscle strains or other soft tissue problems. Additionally, the nerve roots that extend from the spinal column may be pinched by a slipped disc or shifted vertebrae, and this can cause the severe pain and other symptoms associated with whiplash, sciatica and many forms of chronic pain. By restoring the proper balance, we relieve nerves and muscles of these unnatural stresses so they can function correctly.

How can chiropractic care improve my overall health and wellness? 

Misalignments that affect the nervous system can have a negative impact on all kinds of physical systems and processes. In addition to pain, numbness or weakness in a particular body part, you may develop a wide range of digestive, reproductive, hormonal or neurological conditions, or you may find yourself more prone to illness because your immune system isn't receiving the proper instructions. Periodic chiropractic evaluation and care can keep your nervous system communicating properly with the rest of your body, allowing for a higher level of health and wellness.

What will I experience during my adjustment? 

We provide a comfortable, positive environment for patients receiving chiropractic care in Palmdale. Before we do any kind of adjustment, of course, we will evaluate your spine and general health, and discuss any symptoms you may be having. You might hear an occasional "pop" during your adjustments, but this is only gas escaping harmlessly from between the joints.

Will one chiropractic session be enough to resolve my condition? 

In many cases you may experience welcome relief from your pain even during the first session. We have found, however, that a series of sessions is more effective at maintaining and reinforcing the benefits of our chiropractic care in Palmdale. We will go over the proposed treatment regimen with you in advance.

I was in a car accident. Should I see a chiropractor? 

Car accidents put the body under tremendous strain -- especially the neck, which often sustains whiplash from the violent motion of the head in an impact. Back injuries and pain are also common. But even if you do not feel any negative after-effects, we urge you to seek chiropractic care in Palmdale immediately. Misalignments caused by the accident can lurk undetected for days, weeks or months before finally causing symptoms, by which time your condition may have deteriorated significantly.

Need Chiropractic Care in Palmdale?

If you have other questions about chiropractic care in Palmdale, contact Dewald Chiropractic. Our team will be happy to address any concerns or uncertainties you might have.


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